High Performance Asphalt Cold Patch

For Permanent Repair of Potholes and Asphalt Defects

All Weather, Wet Weather and Extreme Conditions to -4°

B. Metcalf High Performance Asphalt Patch is the all-weather repair material to repair potholes, road and driveway cracks, parking lots, and any asphalt surface - regardless of weather, extreme conditions or rain.  Easy to use and quick to set, it requires less staff to perform and solve seasonal asphalt issues.  Used by professionals, large municipal departments and small town crews, our high performance asphalt patch is

THE permanent solution to asphalt problems!

B. Metcalf High Performance Asphalt Patch is available in 50 lb. bags and bulk delivery.  Our state-of-the-art bagging plant enables us to mix and bag immediately, to order!

No need to wait, no hassles!  This permanent repair product is ready-to-use, is workable in all-weather, and sets even in the wettest conditions! 

We even have a low VOC blend available.




Whether you are a municipal road department or a private homeowner,

B. Metcalf High Performance Asphalt Patch is the easiest permanent pothole repair!  Towns can send just one or two employees for the repair, saving time and cost to the town. Homeowners do not need to contact a professional to fix defects in their driveway.  Just fill the pothole, tamp it down and roll your tires over it.  That's all it takes.

Town Highway Departments can also pick up or have bulk orders delivered.  Our plant can produce Asphalt Cold Patch to order so it is always "fresh."  

For pricing and ordering, please call us:

In Connecticut and New York: (860) 435-1205

In Massachusetts:  (413) 528-5543

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