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Proposed Warm Mix Asphalt Facility

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BB. Metcalf Asphalt, a family-owned and operated business in North Canaan

with over 28 years of experience, is proposing a new division of their company

with a $4 million Green Mix facility.

Owner Ben Metcalf is a long-time conservationist and a former Land Trust President and Founding Member of The Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition.  

Ben believes strongly in protecting our environment and would never construct a plant that would have any detrimental effect upon our water resources. 

What is Warm Mix Asphalt?  

The traditional process for mixing, hauling, placing, and compacting asphalt mixture uses Hot Mix Asphalt.  Warm Mix Asphalt utilizes newer, state-of-the-art technologies to reduce the temperature needed to produce and compact asphalt mixtures for the construction of pavements.


Warm Mix Asphalt is the generic name of technologies that allow the producers of Hot Mix Asphalt

to lower the temperatures at which the material is mixed and placed on the road.

Reductions of 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit have been documented. Such drastic reductions have the obvious benefits of cutting fuel consumption and decreasing the production of greenhouse gases. 


Engineering and construction benefits include better compaction of pavements; the ability to pave at

lower temperatures, extending the paving season; and the potential to be able to recycle at higher rates.

Compared to traditional asphalt production, production of Warm Mix Asphalt saves fuel and produces

 fewer emissions.   THERE IS NO IMPACT ON WATER!

Warm Mix Asphalt has been utilized in the United States for many years, but will only be available,

in this area, at B. Metcalf Asphalt Paving.

The goal of Green Mix is to provide customers with a more sustainable and environmentally

sensitive paving option.


The proposed Green Mix facility would sit in a bowl 43 feet below the adjoining roads.  

The proposed facility would be 53 feet tall.  The entire property is surrounded by an 8 foot berm 

with additional buffering landscaping on top of the berm to shield views of the facility.

The top of the new facility will NOT be visible from surrounding properties.

The only visible component will be clean water vapor, which is common in our town.


Green Mix's burner will be in an enclosed area to mitigate noise and will incorporate additional noise controls.

Sound will also be further reduced by the placement of the facility 50 feet below the top of the surrounding

berm, as well as the placement of additional landscaped buffering on top of the buffer.

The maximum sound at the property line when the facility is fully operational would be 75 decibels,

comparable to the sound of traffic from 300 feet.

Emissions & Odor

Green Mix will utilize state of the art technology and emission controls to safeguard the environment.


Green Mix will use up to 40% recyclable materials as ingredients.


Green Mix will utilize propane, the most efficient fuel available in our area.  

Should a leak occur, the propane would immediately evaporate and the liquid asphalt would simply harden.

As a result, there is no potential danger to our water supply.


Green Mix' enclosed hood will be constructed to capture, and funnel back to the burner, any smoke that

could potentially escape during loading, eliminating smoke and smell.

We are planning on adding odor-removing additives to our liquid asphalt, a well proven, effective and easy

addition to our process.  


The proposed plant will have similar emissions per hour as four light pick-up trucks! 


Impact on Traffic

The Green Mix facility will not generate any additional traffic.  Currently, six to seven trucks leave the facility

empty each morning and return later in the day with asphalt product.  Once operational, those trucks will leave

the facility with newly produced warm mix in the morning and return later in the day.

Proposed Hours of Operation

Green Mix will fully comply with the town regulations on the permitted hours of operation and expects the proposed facility to operate during the hours of 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday thru Friday during the months of

April thru November.

Asphalt is here to stay, we all use it, but it is time to be environmentally conscious in the material.  A healthier environment for his children and the community his family lives in and cares for is what motivates Ben Metcalf to embrace Warm Mix.

Ben would like to answer any questions you may have about Warm Mix.

Please call Ben at (860)-435-1205



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